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Life is Performance. Balanced well-being 
ensures you perform well.

Alien Major Wellness Presents: 

Employee  Wellness/Wellness Coaching/Athletic Performance Training/Adaptive Skills Training

Cameron Underwood-Williams, MS
About Me:
Welcome to Alien Major Wellness!

It is our absolute goal to enhance your well being through our services. For several decades now and counting, we have served as a role models through coaching/mentoring as well as volunteering in programs such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, NJB, youth football, and  youth baseball. We have performed at the collegiate and professional levels of athletics. 

Along with my athletic performance experiences, I earned a Master’s of Science in Health and Human Performance from Sul Ross State University, Alpine TX. Throughout my career, I have worked with a wide  range of population, all in promotion of wellness. Populations range from diabetic patients, to college athletes. You may be a grandmother, you may have professional sport aspirations, either way Alien Major is here to provide that support in your journey of well being enhancement. Ready. Set. Enhance!


Create your Health!

 Yes indeed! health is created through a collective set of actions. Alien Major Performance provides an aspect of wellness that serves as an ingredient in creating our health. The emphasized ingredient we will work on collectively,  is exercise. Throughout our journey together we will also come across other ingredients of health, ingredients such as Nutrition and Mindfulness. Deciding to incorporate aerobic and anaerobic movements in your life, consuming  balanced, nutritious, whole food meals, as well as owning your breathe, will ensure to increase your performance in life.


  1. Creating Healthy decision making as a part of your lifestyle, through consistency with exercise and mindfulness nutrition



Exercise: Employee/Community  Wellness
We will meet for 1 hour sessions , 1-3 days a week.  Alien Major Performance takes the approach of evidence based exercises through Interval training. An interval consists of a single exercise for a given time, at a given intensity level, then coming back to a resting heart rate. It is then repeated, thus making it an interval. We will incorporate our intervals both aerobic and anaerobic. A major highlight of interval training and its benefits, would be its quality control of blood sugar levels. Each workout will begin with a dynamic warm up consisting of stretching and deep breathing. Each workout is finished with a cool down, consisting of stretching and breathing exercises. 

 Nutrition: Alien Major Performance presents, “Plates of Love”
Plates of Love will be our healthy eating promotion, where a meal will be cooked for the community members.
Meals are prepared with balance in mind, consuming healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates the right way. We will learn that we may enjoy familiar dishes, but we will continue to seek the balance within each meal, within each bite. Plates of love will also be a reminder for us to enjoy meals together in community, as we consume our food that was made with love. 


Peace Breaks: 
Tahking a purposeful break from your schedule of life, Alien Major has created a series of Peace Breaks. Facilitated with a word or intention of the session, you are guided through breathing exercises and restorative/office setting yoga. 



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